The Role of Value-Education in Life, Society, and World!

The Role of Value-Education in Life, Society, and World!

Experience as the Teacher

At present, the Education system focuses on providing the students with the skills to enter this competitive, industrial world rather than preparing the students to deal with their life. They make the students as ‘machines’ that are ready for profession and jobs forgetting their own self-identity and end up facing difficulties in their life. Their life experiences are the ones that teach them how to deal with problems and understanding difficulties which mostly they stumble and fail utterly. Education presently does not focus on identifying and sorting out conflicts, the problems in relationships- with friends and family, examining goals etc. Education forgets to raise these issues to the students.

The Objective of Value Education

Value Education comes in handy to help the students and their needs in life. The objective of Value-education is simple:

  1. To develop a critical ability so that the student distinguishes between the essence of life
  2. To develop the students to act responsibly and act with courage in their real-life situations.

It is to be understood that students are not taught values in Value-education rather they are encouraged to discover what is valuable for them in life. They would be able to comprehend between the superficial and the valuable things. These things are discussed and analyzed in Value-Education lessons.

What a Value-Education Teacher Does

The role of a Value-Education teacher is to facilitate the students in sorting the basic principles with various incidents that can help the student understand things in a better manner. The methods of teaching value-education will be similar to lectures, classroom discussions, homework, group discussions, and practical exercises. Teachers of Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan are given special workshops to teach value-education. It is important to understand that it does not preach anything to the students. The connection happens through lectures and discussions which will kindle the student’s ability to think on their goals, society, and surroundings, relationships etc.

Inhumane nature of Humans

Educational experts emphasize that the implementation of value-education in schools, colleges, and other organizations will bring about changes worldwide. Considering the current situations where even animals are not safe it is high time to introduce this in not just the educational system. Value-Education should be introduced to all the persons in whatever fields they are currently in. The current scenario is full of violent conflicts and disrespect towards another gender. Humans have currently become completely selfish and inhumane. The biggest threat to the very human existence is human beings losing their humanity.

Value-Education Workshops

Workshops should be introduced in every nook and corner of this world. B.Tech Colleges in Bihar have already started this. There should be value-education workshops in prisons as well. This will have a direct touch with the criminals, rather than just leaving them to rot in jail it will be wiser to implement value-education workshops for them. They will have the time and patience to think and realize the value after the workshop.

The End Result

Human Values are universal and are teachable to all the human beings irrespective of their age. Educational Institutions, Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan, Governments, Social workers from Non-Governmental Organizations, Learned People should step up in promoting value-education to people. It can bring the necessary change that the world needs. Violence, hate, inhumanity, and all the other negative vibes would be destroyed once people encounter with value-education. Peace and harmony will flow with the air that everyone can breathe and enjoy. There will be obvious changes in the attitude of the people, their perspective towards the other gender. Equality and equity will prosper crushing the man-made boundaries, place of money in the society, the myths in the society, the unnecessary rules that shackle the societies, and people will start to think beyond regions and nations. Anand VM

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