AP SSC Grading System 2022 – How to calculate Grate Points, Grade & Score Total

Board of Secondary Education, Andhra Pradesh has introduced the new grading system for the Andhra Pradesh SSC Result 2022 each and every year. The grading system is the same as the previous year. Based on this NEW grading system, Andhra Pradesh SSC 2022 Results will be released for the students who appeared in the Andhra Pradesh Xth class 2022 examinations finally.  The complete details regarding the Andhra Pradesh SSC 2022 Grading system and the information for calculating the Grade Score are clearly given below. Students are advised to check the details clearly to know more.

Andhra Pradesh SSC Result 2022 Grading System- Know the marks wise Grade you might get

In an attempt to Reduce the Competition among the students and ease the examination stress upon 10th  Class/SSC students, the Board will announce the Andhra Pradesh Xth Result 2022  Grade-Wise.  This means that the Andhra Pradesh  Xth class results in the 2022 marks memo will contain  Grade against each of the subjects showcasing the performance of the students in the examination. With just a few hours left for Manabadi Andhra Pradesh SSC Results, it is important for you to know the grading system that will be followed for the results being announced today.


The Best Grade that a student can obtain in Andhra Pradesh SSC Result 2022 is A1 which indicates that they have scored between 91 and 100 marks in that subject.  On the flip side,  E is the lowest grade that is awarded to students who score below 35 marks and fail the examination.

How to know if you have passed in Andhra Pradesh SSC Result 2022?

According to the Grade System listed above, the best grade that a student can obtain in the Andhra Pradesh SSC Result 2022 is A1  which indicates that they have scored between 91 and 100 marks in that subject.  On the flip side, E is the lowest grade that is awarded to students who score below 35 marks and fail in the examination. Therefore, a student needs to score a minimum of 35 marks to clear the exam.  Students who fail in less than two subjects will be eligible to appear for the compartment exam or supplementary exam to be held in the coming months.  Students who fail in more than two subjects will have to repeat an entire year and appear for the Andhra Pradesh  10th exam 2022 next year.

HOTTEST UPDATES 2021: Andhra Pradesh  Board gave a statement that SSC Result 2022 will be Declared on 6 June 2022. The result has been delayed due to Lok Sabha Election. All Students who have appeared in the AP SSC/10th  Board exam are advised to Keep checking this page for all the updates regarding AP 10th Class results.


AP SSC Grading System 2022 - How to calculate Grate Points, Grade & Score Total 1 Results GPA System 2022

The BSEAP  has implemented the Grading System since last year for releasing the Andhra Pradesh SSC Results.  This system is introduced in order to ease the burden on the students and reduce their exam results tension.  So dear students this new grading system is welcomed by most of the people.

As per the marks obtained in Andhra Pradesh  SSC 2021 examinations in every subject as well as in total, a particular grade will be assigned for students who appeared in the March 2022 examinations.  The grading system is otherwise called a GPA System.  In this system Grade will be given in between A to E based on the marks. Students can check out the below grading table to know more.

Andhra Pradesh  10/SSC Class Grading System 2022


The below table shows how various grades are assigned for the marks along with the grade points for that particular grade obtained by students. Students can refer to the table and verify their grades and grade points accordingly after obtaining the final Andhra Pradesh Secondary School Certificate Result 2022.

Ist & 3rd Languages (i.e. Telugu & English) non-languages 2nd Language (Hindi)GRADE GRADE POINTS
90-100 Marks90-100 MarksA110
83-91 Marks80-89 MarksA2 9
75-82 Marks70-79 MarksB1 8
67-74 Marks60-69 MarksB2 7
59-66 Marks50-59 MarksC1 6
51-58 Marks40-49 MarksC2 5
43-50 Marks30-39 MarksD1 4
35-32 Marks20-29 MarksD2 3
Less than 35 MarksLess than 20 Marks EFail


The table is an example that shows the Grades and Grades Points for marks obtained in each subject.  Based on the students can calculate their respective Grades and Grades points and GPA obtained. Andhra Pradesh  SSC 2022 results in subject wise Grade Points calculation. http://main.bseap.org/

Subject Name Marks obtained Respective GradesRespective Grade Points 
First Language Telugu94A110
Second Language Hindi74B1 8
Third Language English78B1 8
General  Science90A210
Social Studies88A2 9

Calculating GPA from Grade Points as obtained in the above-mentioned table here.

GPA=  Subject 1 Plus Subject 2 Plus Subject 3 Plus Subject 4 Plus Subject 5 Plus Subject  6/6

GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA) 10+8+8+10+10+9=55/6=9.166.

How to calculate Andhra Pradesh SSC class results 2022 Grade Score? 

The students will get the grades as soon as the Andhra Pradesh Secondary School Certificate 2020 results are issued, based on the final grade obtained students can calculate their average score with help of the here given list of grades and the scores.  The list of grades from A1 to E  and the respective score that can range. Students can check the list and calculate the score before the final score is issued by the board. 

GRADE 110550-600
GRADE A2 9499-549
GRADE B1 8448-498
GRADE B2 7397-447
GRADE C1 6346-396
GRADE C2 5295-345
GRADE D1 4245-294
GRADE D2 3195-244

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